F is for Finding your Feet

Finding Your Feet

Our feet often get neglected, we hide them in socks and all kinds of shoes and trainers. We don’t really give them much attention, and over time our toes stay scrunched together, and sometimes our arches drop giving ‘flat’ feet, or our feet roll inwards or turn outwards…

In Iyengar yoga, we pay a lot of importance on the feet as they relate to the rest of the body. You could say, that all yoga poses start from the feet and move up, our feet are often the foundation of a pose. But it’s not just about understanding how our feet work in yoga poses, it’s being aware of how our feet affects our posture, and the way we walk or run in every day life.

So get reconnected to your feet, spread your toes, walk barefoot at home, come to yoga and look after your feet!

Happy feet.



E is for Everyone

Everyone can do Iyengar yoga

You don’t have to be young, female and flexible to start yoga. You’d be surprised how many people think this! In an Iyengar class, you will see a broad range of people, all ages (my oldest ever student was in her nineties), parents, students, teenagers, men, women, runners, cyclists, gym goers, dancers, lots of people that spend time at desks, solicitors, writers, teachers and so many more!

The reason Iyengar yoga is so popular with so many people is really the way the poses are taught. Unlike other styles of yoga, there is a lot of attention spent on correct alignment of the body, clear instructions and demonstrations, working in a safe and progressive way, with the care and guidance of well trained teachers.

As the only style of yoga to first use props such as bolsters, bricks, belts, blocks and chairs, each individual can work to their best using whatever support they may need, or even challenge themselves to go further.

So what are you waiting for? Iyengar yoga is for you!

Street yoga NY


D is for Didsbury Park Pop-up

Yoga, parks & brownies

In September 2013, we were lucky to run Sunday morning yoga classes in the ‘pop-up’ cafe The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon in Didsbury Park.

Early morning yoga in such a great location really was wonderful. The room’s large windows opened directly onto the vibrantly green park, with dog-walkers & runners passing by. Most weeks were nice and sunny with blue sky but even when it rained heavily one week it was still an atmospheric place to practise in!

It was great to meet new people keen to try Iyengar yoga, some for the very first time.

And the other fab thing about this ‘pop-up’ yoga class was the cafe next door. West Didsbury folk are lucky to have the original The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon cafe on Burton Rd. So to have our yoga classes in the cute park version was lovely as people could stay for a coffee or juice after class and of course try their brownies, gluten free treats and cakes afterwards – yoga and cake, it’s all about the balance!

So a big thank you to all who came and made it every Sunday!

Park yogaIMG_0548



IMG_0523didsbury park

C is for Concentration

Yoga can help improve your ability to concentrate.

In a yoga class, not only do you have to listen to lots of different instuctions relating to the pose, you have to be able to direct those instructions to varying parts of your own body. This takes a lot of concentration as you ‘tune’ yourself in to what is happening as you work or relax different areas of the body. Yoga is of course all about bringing together the mind and body.

Another aspect of yoga is balance. Whether it’s standing on one leg or doing a handstand, in order to balance, you have to concentrate.

All this concentration can help to bring about calmness to the stresses of daily life. Once you begin a regular yoga practice, you should find your ability to focus on things improves, whether it’s with tasks at work, or running a 10k!

B is for Be in the Moment

‘Be in the moment’ when practising yoga. Try not to let the mind wander but stay tuned into everypart of the body so that mind and body can meet together.

I’ve often heard teachers say ‘forget the last time you did this pose, be fresh in today’s practice’. When we really stay in the present, that’s when we can go deeper into the pose, and also keep our attention on the balance of the body.

Firooza Ali, senior teacher from Mumbai taught a workshop today that really reminded us of this. Very inspiring!

As Iyengar said “The highest point of yesterday should be the lowest point of today”.


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A is for All About The Yoga

A is for All About The Yoga

A is for All About The Yoga

Since my first ever yoga class, I’ve been passionate about practising this style of yoga. I love the discipline and precision of each pose. To me there’s nothing that makes you aware of every muscle in your body as yoga does.

I love teaching. It’s great to see people getting inspired by yoga and feeling the benefits even after just a few weeks. As always, it’s great hearing their comments after class.

So here is my blog, for all things yoga and beyond…..