I asked my classes to write about their personal experiences of our weekly 'lockdown' yoga on Zoom. Thank you Deanna for this post...
Lindsay’s Iyengar yoga classes really are for everyone - all ages, genders and body types, beginners or regulars. They help an individual to really be aware of how their body moves in minute detail without force or judgement. When you simply stand up, for example, as we all do many times a day, is your balance on your heels or your toes? So as well as conscious and slow physical movement, the mind is forced to focus on the body and away from daily worries about work or home.
Each class is like an hour’s gift to yourself.
Lockdown has given many the opportunity to be creative and think ‘what HAVE we still got?’ and ‘What CAN we do, but in a different way?’ Lindsay was quick to adapt in giving Zoom yoga a go and her style of teaching has made remote lessons a success.
Lindsay paces each lesson perfectly and always does each pose first so they’re easy to follow. As long as you have a yoga mat, you can use equipment and props easily found at home to help; cushions, blankets, books, a belt and sometimes a chair or a wall.
As well as being able to keep physically limber, the twice weekly morning Zoom lessons have really helped to stop the lockdown days from becoming repetitive. Instead of waking up every Monday morning feeling like it’s Groundhog Day/Week, early morning yoga has given me purpose to get up, wash my hair, put the kettle on and slip straight into each week with a smile on my face and the ability to still be able to touch my toes and scratch my own back.
These yoga classes have brought some real light to lockdown (and life). Thanks Lindsay
Deanna Thomas
Executive Editor at The Confidentials

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