Live classes are on Zoom every week so you can join from home. They are best booked as a block but you can also pay for drop in classes.

Mondays 7.30-8.30am 

Thursdays 5.30-6.30pm

A monthly package for each class is the most popular way of booking (so an individual class works out at £7). You can book for once a week or twice a week classes. 

You can also book a single class for £8.50


Classes are paid in advance by bank transfer, and you will then receive the link to join the Zoom class the day before each lesson. 


You will need a yoga mat, and a folded blanket (or large towel), and a yoga belt if you have one (or use something like a dressing gown strap). If you have yoga blocks/bricks too then that's great but a chair could also be used instead.


Please make sure you can be seen by me on your yoga mat for the class (placing your computer screen at a good height/distance as possible in your room!)


You need to be fit and well before taking part and with the understanding that you are fully responsible for your own body and not pushing beyond your ability.

By participating online you understand that the class does not cover any liability or loss, personal or otherwise, incurred by you resulting from your participation in the online class offered.