I always enjoy Lindsay’s yoga classes and I always feel better for them.

Being able to continue to practice yoga during lockdown has been fantastic. I have a hip problem and doing regular classes really helps me stretch and strengthen my body to prevent any flare ups. Lindsay’s classes have also enabled me to grab a precious bit of me time during lockdown. Having two children at home full-time to look after and homeschool has been pretty hectic. Lindsay’s classes have given me some much needed headspace.

I was unsure at first what it would be like doing classes via Zoom. Would I be able to follow the instructions? Would I have enough space? Would I work as hard as I do in a normal class without the teacher being physically present?! But I’ve found that I really like practicing at home. It’s nice being in your own space and the instructions Lindsay gives are super clear and still have the attention to detail that I crave. And not having to travel anywhere has been brilliant and saved me time and money.

By Sarah Richardson

Theatre Director

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