Aug 6 2020

Catriona shares how yoga not only offsets her desk based work, but also improves her flexibility and enjoyment of all the outdoor activities she likes doing

During the week I work for the Environment Agency where I am an environmental planner working to improve our evidence base and understanding of the ...

Jul 16 2020

Online Yoga & Setting New Routines – By David

The Zoom classes have been an ideal way of stepping up my yoga practice to two sessions a week. They are flexible in offering morning ...

Jul 14 2020

Food Writer and Editor Deanna describes how the weekly zoom classes have ‘lit up’ lockdown

I asked my classes to write about their personal experiences of our weekly 'lockdown' yoga on Zoom. Thank you Deanna for this post... Lindsay’s Iyengar ...

Jul 13 2020

Theatre Director Sarah explains how yoga gives time for herself whilst balancing family life and work.

I always enjoy Lindsay’s yoga classes and I always feel better for them. Being able to continue to practice yoga during lockdown has been fantastic. ...

Jul 9 2020

Yoga Classes in Lockdown by Andrew

One of the positives to come out of the whole lockdown situation has been Lindsay’s on-line yoga classes. Lindsay offers classes at various times during ...
View from my mat

Jul 7 2020

My Experience of Yoga During the Pandemic – by Ruth

Ruth, who regularly attends the Tuesday evening classes in Wilmslow talks about her experience with yoga during lockdown....    On the 1st April 2020 after ...