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Ruth, who regularly attends the Tuesday evening classes in Wilmslow talks about her experience with yoga during lockdown.... 


On the 1st April 2020 after several weeks of no yoga, I attended my first Zoom class. To be honest at first I wasn’t so much bothered about doing the yoga it was the familiarity of Lindsay’s voice and the social interaction with other human beings which appealed, especially as life seemed so uncertain at the time.

It was early spring and the tree outside my bedroom was without any leaves. I used one particular branch to focus on every class – now I can’t see the branch as it is covered in leaves! I started doing 1 class a week and very quickly upped this to 2. I like the fact that it is so easy to attend, I just have to get out of bed and put my leggings on. I am not always sure if I am doing the poses correctly but as the weeks have progressed I know I can stretch further and my core has definitely strengthened.

Just over a month ago I had to have a tooth extracted and the dentist told me to try and calm my breathing down – all I could think of was ‘What would Lindsay say?’ and I started to imagine her voice telling me to breathe normally and I tried to imagine the branch outside my window. It worked and my breathing returned to normal. It was after this I realised just how important yoga has been for my mental health as well as my physical and I think lockdown would have been much harder without it.

Moving forward I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again in a real life class but do hope Lindsay continues to teach over Zoom as well as it is so much easier to fit around all the other demands of life.

By Ruth Dudley

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