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E is for Everyone

Everyone can do Iyengar yoga

You don't have to be young, female and flexible to start yoga. You'd be surprised how many people think this! In an Iyengar class, you will see a broad range of people, all ages (my oldest ever student was in her nineties), parents, students, teenagers, men, women, runners, cyclists, gym goers, dancers, lots of people that spend time at desks, solicitors, writers, teachers and so many more!

The reason Iyengar yoga is so popular with so many people is really the way the poses are taught. Unlike other styles of yoga, there is a lot of attention spent on correct alignment of the body, clear instructions and demonstrations, working in a safe and progressive way, with the care and guidance of well trained teachers.

As the only style of yoga to first use props such as bolsters, bricks, belts, blocks and chairs, each individual can work to their best using whatever support they may need, or even challenge themselves to go further.

So what are you waiting for? Iyengar yoga is for you!

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