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F is for Finding your Feet

Finding Your Feet

Our feet often get neglected, we hide them in socks and all kinds of shoes and trainers. We don't really give them much attention, and over time our toes stay scrunched together, and sometimes our arches drop giving 'flat' feet, or our feet roll inwards or turn outwards...

In Iyengar yoga, we pay a lot of importance on the feet as they relate to the rest of the body. You could say, that all yoga poses start from the feet and move up, our feet are often the foundation of a pose. But it's not just about understanding how our feet work in yoga poses, it's being aware of how our feet affects our posture, and the way we walk or run in every day life.

So get reconnected to your feet, spread your toes, walk barefoot at home, come to yoga and look after your feet!

Happy feet.

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