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Yoga and Motherhood

So I've had a gap since my last blog - due to having two babies - one year after the other. My first will be starting school this September, and as everyone says, 'Where does the time go?'

Well actually I can't remember life before becoming a mum but I do know practising yoga is totally different.

At first, I felt I should be able to just jump back on my mat and carry on where I left off (I'd practised yoga pretty much up until my girl was due), but my body felt broken, sleep deprived, achey shoulders, I felt so different all over.

So I had to take time, go slowly - and of course with a lot less time to myself, practise yoga in some little time I could - A big change to before getting pregnant. I used to easily be on my mat before breakfast every day and do at least an hour or more & then attend a couple of classes a week on top of teaching.

So I've learned a lot by having less time. I have learned to practise in a way that suits my lifestyle - for me, being on my yoga mat is about giving myself some 'me time' and can either energise or relax me depending on what I need.

In my classes, I try to encourage people to work to their own ability and connect to their own bodies - we are all different. And it doesn't matter where you start from, the benefits will come.

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